Chapter 2 – Two feathers left behind

By the time I felt my bed sheets surrounding my shivering body, the storm had thrown its tantrum and the full moon had silenced the night. I held my eyes wide awake with its bright light intruding through my window beside my bed. I looked at it in hopes for someone to give me an answer, “Should I leave my friend to go on that preposterous journey alone, or should I waste my time following an imbecile?” No surprise, the moon stayed silent.

It was on nights such as these when Liam and I would stay up and wonder what it would be like if we were beasts of the night, howling at the sight of a bright ball pinned to a navy velvet sheet, with fragments of itself scattered throughout it. Mother would always get angry at us for not going to sleep, but like the nine-year-olds we were, we didn’t listen. We dreamt for something mysterious and magical to appear before us and give us a reason to escape this confined village. But with the passing away of our Mother six years later, Liam moved out, unable to remain in a home that was filled with the memory of ‘us’. I however stayed where her memory was still eminent. It’s been another six years……

I sit up and look around my room. The moon shines on the dresser across me, where Mother’s small rectangular wooden box sits. I flung the sheets off and take steady steps towards it. Just a centimeter away from it, and I can already feel the pressure of opening it, as if I am to open Pandora’s box – but nowhere near as “cosmic distraction” as that. My fingertips tingle as I open the lid and reveal her one and only necklace. It had one bloody red feather and another larger but dark blue separated by a pearl, accompanied by three small green beads on their ends, all supported by a thin black leather string. She picked them out specifically to represent Liam and me, blue and red respectively, because I was always smaller than him. But she always wore it, saying that wherever she goes, reminding everyone of “her two perfect sons”.

Perfect. Ha… that’s a funny word. No one is perfect. Not even the Gods. But we were so young then, we didn’t know any better to dream of being perfect, rushing for adventure, imagining the wonders of the world, wondering what it was like to see the beyond this village. Liam would be the guide and I would… be by his side… because we’re brothers. And brothers never fail each other.

“What am I doing?”I clench my hand around the necklace and take a deep breath.

I’ve decided.

* * *

As the rays of light attempt to slowly peek over the mountains, I run as fast as I can to the library. To my relief, I see Liam. His wide shoulders cover the sight of the bag behind him, which is full of, what I can only assume as ‘necessities’ for Liam’s travel. On his left arm, he’s holding the leather book he showed me last night and I’m greeted with a big sigh.

“I honestly thought you wouldn’t come, Lock”.

I slow down and make a stop in front of him, panting. “I was considering it, but I can’t let my brother do this alone.” As I look up at him, a slight smile forms on his face, responding to mine.

Liam gestures me that it’s time to make a move when his sight is diverted to my neck. “Mother’s necklace?” His frown alarmed me.

“Wouldn’t be an adventure without her, would it?” my question clouded Liam’s expression for a split second.

With another heavy sigh, he glimpsed at the necklace and snorted. “She would have definitely not let us go like this.”

And you know what? “You’re absolutely right…”



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