Entry #3: The new guy

Dear Diary,

Changes rarely happen, especially in a small town like ours – and no, this isn’t an introduction to a typical “mystery” story. Every day, you get to see the same people in and out of the bus, the same faces in school, with the same attitude, talking about the same drama. But something changed yesterday: we got a new transfer student, Simon!

He came here from England due to his parents’ job (they are researchers apparently, not sure about what though). He’s pretty quiet… an easy target for the class to either pick on him or to pull into their groups. And I say groups because there isn’t a single group. Our year is divided into “the popular-sporty kids”, “the popular-gossip/trend kids”, then we have the “metal heads”, “the studious-too-good-4-u kids”, “the peter-pan-syndrome kids” etc. And then you have our group, the ones who don’t want to fit in any of them and want to keep away from all the drama. Then again, I might have even failed at that, seeing who I have a crush on… but that’s another story for another time!

During break, everyone was talking about Simon, but having already established their own groups, I suppose none of them made the effort to approach him, each for their own  reason – if there is a reason at all. Sue, on the other hand, was pretty anxious to bring him into our group. Laurie did mention her version of “the consequences”, but then again, she’s way too cautious for her own good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good sometimes to have someone who can give you the complete opposite of a good scenario. But Sue just doesn’t care, she’s the impulsive type, you could say.

She walked up to him and (I am not kidding, this is what the conversation sounded like) and said: “Hi! You’re Simon, and I’m Sue, these guys over there” (pointing at us) “were asking if you would like to join us”.

Simon looked over at us and obviously could read the huge question mark popping above our heads. It was a bit of a random series of answers which followed no question, so we had to provide the question ourselves! Just as he was about to decline the offer out of discomfort, Ashley interrupted and said ” They’re not that bad, usually they are worse.” and laughed. Now, if that was me, I would have felt even more awkward, but Ashley is just that kind of guy… no matter how stupid the comment, he always just lightens the mood. Drawing a smile over his face, Simon chuckled and walked towards our group.

We all introduced ourselves and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Sue bombarded him with questions about England, Laurie more or less sat back and observed, and Ashley and I made a new friend. Before we even knew it, class was over, and so was the school day. This might sound awful and awkward, but meeting new people is kinda nice.

I hope Simon will get to join us again tomorrow an… one sec, message…

Yep, ok, that didn’t take long for Sue to get a crush on someone. It will probably be over in a week or so. Hopefully. For our group’s sake.



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