2BWatched: “Logan”(2017)

Recently everybody’s been talking about the new movie coming out and I’ve heard both sides. “Oh no, not another movie about Wolverine”  and “I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna pull this movie off” etc etc.

I was never one of those that got hyped over the X-Men movies. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I watched X-Men the Animated series on Jetix when I was a kid, read a few comic books here and there, have seen (if not all, most of) their movies at some point… but another one? Is this at least how the whole Wolverine thing ends? … So how are they going to pull it off? And ye, I may have just asked the same things other people did, but aren’t we all just wondering the same thing?

Wolvering after all has been one of the most badass characters (even though my favorite character was always Cyclops). It’s understandable why so many movies would be made about him, what with all his dark past and experimentation period… there’s a lot to talk about! But, seriously: I’m still a bit confused about the focus of the film. Is it about Wolverine’s end? Wolverine saving a little girl? Is she a mutant as well? Like, what is the deal?!

I’m gonna go watch it probably, just to sate my curiousity. What about you, are you gonna go watch it, or not?

2 thoughts on “2BWatched: “Logan”(2017)

    1. I feel that a lot of us share the same feelings, mixed in with a little uncertainty: Will anyone pick this role up in the future, and if so, who? What kind of roles will H. Jackman carry out now? etc.
      And thank you very much 😀


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