#Entry 4: Interpreting the obvious

It’s been a week since Simon has come to our school and he’s already starting to mingle not just with us, but everything in the class as well. He’s doing great with the drama-kids cause he used to be part of a major school play in his previous school, the gossip-kids cause, well, he’s new and there’s oh-so much to find out about him, and the asport-guys cause he used to be captain of the basketball team. Ashley also found some common ground on him based on his “captain-position” experience, since he is captain of the swimming team as well – in our school, it doesn’t really make him popular cause they don’t focus on water sports as much as they do for football or basketball. I mean, the only reason we have a swimming team is to compete with other schools.

Due to his experience with his previous basketball club, he was able to sign up for our team, and guess who else is there. Yep! Peter is one of their members and now talks to Simon ever so often! I even got a chance to say hi to him yesterday and it was… pfff… better than I imagined… he even smiled back!

Yes, I am pathetic. But noone knows I have a crush on him, I doubt he even notices me as much as I notice him. We have talked a few times before but not for that long… Does a minute or so count as a discussion? It does, right? Yeah… I’m pretty sure it does. Laurie doesn’t think it does and tries to persuade Sue to get Simon to go get him and talk to me more but it just gets complicated. Plus, Sue is way too hyper and goes off topic when talking to Simon. She’s still not over her crush on him so that’s interesting.

Not only that, but she got so hyper that spilled the beans on the fact that I have a crush on Peter to Simon. Funnily enough, Simon had seen me talk to Mr. Prince before and wasn’t surprized.

“It’s obvious by the way you blush though” he laughed. “But nah, that’s alright, some guys find it cute.”

To that comment, Sue and Laurie giggled and Ashley just nodded, trying to comfort me. I looked at them with a displeased expression.

“Don’t be like that Sam.” Sue laughed, nudging me. “He’s only saying the truth!”

Yeah… ok… I’ll just leave it at that. I mean, if he does find it cute, that’s great, I get some “points” for that. If he doesn’t… well, I just make a fool of myself. What a surprize.

Hopefully the next time I talk to him won’t be as bad, and I can finally get over my embarassement……… Ha! Yeah right, like that will ever happen. For as long as I can remember, I have and will always blush in front of the guy I like. Especially since I have this 2 year crush on him already that he doesn’t know about………..

– Sam.


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