Chapter 4 – Meeting (Part 1)

“You are both very special to me, and you should be very special to each other as well. You are brothers and best friends, and must look out for each other. Noone must get in between you two, understand?” 

“But mum, the other kids call him dead-eye and they call me hair-piss. I don’t want to play with anyone. It’s all his fault.”

“Why baby? Your brother has beautiful grey eyes like the clouds that bring us the rain for our crops, and you have gorgeous golden hair like the sun that shines on a clear day. Just because other kids don’t understand doesn’t mean that you should give up on him, or him on you. If you don’t stick together, you both will break. Kids are cruel, but once you grow up, I promise you it will be better, I promise you that you will find others that can see how you shine, but you must not give up. You hear me? You m-“

Must I be lectured by my mum even when I’m dead? 

“Did you see that? He’s probably dreaming…”

“Oh he’s so cute…”

“Shhh, you’ll wake him up!”

… Ok… Is this what death is like?

 I slowly open my eyes ever so slightly and take a glimpse around me. If this is what death feels like, then I don’t mind one bit. The room gives a warm sensation, what with the walls, floor and ceiling made up of wood. It is decorated with a long thin brown fur covering the two windows on two walls and a thick brown fur carpet laying on the floor. Multiple kinds of herbs hang next to the door, away from the windows. I notice two girls talking to each and giggling next to the wooden bed that I have been placed on, another one in the distance near the two windows looking at a pile of open books baffled, and and a fourth at the end of my bed attending to my-

“Wounds?!” I jump up in surprize and look at the deep scratch extending from below my knee to my ankle. It takes me a few minutes to try and remember what happened.

That’s right, we were camping and then I threw one of those weird nut crackers into the fire and we were chased down by some beasts jumping from tree to tree. Wait… where’s Liam?! I take a second look around me and I only see the four girls in here. Panic starts to take over. I knew I should have persuaded him to stay in the village!

“Relax… you will strain your muscles further than you have already.” Says the girl attending to my wound on my leg. “You fell against a rock and then passed out.”

I look over to her, anger and frustration starting to take over. “Where’s the other guy I was with??” I demand. The girl in the distance looks at me with the same baffled look she had when reading the other books and the two girls that were giggling sit next to me with a playful smile drawn over the mouths. “What?!” I demand a second time, trying not to be seduced by their full lips… tanned, soft… NO! Liam! “Where is he!?”

“Can you keep it down already!?” a familiar voice comes through the door. Liam walks in with his grouchy face. “I’m fine, and from the looks of it, you’re fine too” he states looking around the room and checking out the girls from head to toe, and back again. One of the girls sitting next to me gets up and hops towards him.

“You were asleep so I didn’t notice how beautiful your eyes are.” she sang pulling him from his arm. Liam’s displeasure was written all over his face and swiftly dodged her and paced himself towards me.

“We’re leaving as soon as your wound gets treated. Got it?”

The girls around him voiced their displeasure and started squealling. Their voices rang in our ears, but a loud howl echoing within the wooden walls of the room. The girls instantly stopped. A slim but limp corpse stood next to a large white wolf at the doorstep. An old woman supported by a tall wooden cane, which exceeded her by twice her height, inspected the room. The four girls took a step back and put on a serious facade, attempting to impress the old woman. Pulling her long cardigan that hung from her shoulders and wrapped around her frail body twice, she took a few steps forward to the center of the room. The wolf, pacing behind her, directed himself towards Liam, taking multiple careful sniffs around him. Circling him once, he swipped his fluffy tail on his legs, disregarding him, and then made his way to me.

“No, Biela. I’m in charge of this one” proclaimed the woman, swipping the air with her long cane, freezing the wolf on his tracks. Picking up on the command, Biela sat, carefully observing her Master as the old woman stared into my eyes.

It felt as if it took forever until she finally responded with a giggle and a snort. “You will have to do. Bring him outside when you’re done cleansing his wounds, Fey.”



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