2BWatched: “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014) and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017)

You may have already guessed it, but… Yep! I’m guilty –> I need to watch the first Guardians of the Galaxy before I go to watch the sequel. And thankfully, I haven’t been spoiled anything.

When Guardians of the Galaxy first came out, I guess I was one of those that snobbed the movie – yes, yes, I know, I was one of those people. A lot of my friends who had gone to watch the movie came out saying “it was really good” and “you should try it”. But, being the stubborn critic I am, I kept on saying “no”.

Looking back, I really should have saved myself the effort and the pride, and should have just gone and watched the movie with my friends. But, this is the price I get for being pigheaded.

What did you guys think of the first movie? What did you think of the second one?

2BWatched: “Logan”(2017)

Recently everybody’s been talking about the new movie coming out and I’ve heard both sides. “Oh no, not another movie about Wolverine”  and “I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna pull this movie off” etc etc.

I was never one of those that got hyped over the X-Men movies. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I watched X-Men the Animated series on Jetix when I was a kid, read a few comic books here and there, have seen (if not all, most of) their movies at some point… but another one? Is this at least how the whole Wolverine thing ends? … So how are they going to pull it off? And ye, I may have just asked the same things other people did, but aren’t we all just wondering the same thing?

Wolvering after all has been one of the most badass characters (even though my favorite character was always Cyclops). It’s understandable why so many movies would be made about him, what with all his dark past and experimentation period… there’s a lot to talk about! But, seriously: I’m still a bit confused about the focus of the film. Is it about Wolverine’s end? Wolverine saving a little girl? Is she a mutant as well? Like, what is the deal?!

I’m gonna go watch it probably, just to sate my curiousity. What about you, are you gonna go watch it, or not?

2BWatched: “The Hateful Eight” (2016)

This is another film I was psyched about when the trailer was first released, but for some reason, never got around to watching it. The idea is simple enough and the plot looks easy to follow with one idea: one room, eight people, one connection… wait, is that right?

Quentin Tarantino is known for a lot of his movies, from Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill, but remains the type of director you either hate or love. I’m not a fan, but I will still sit through a movie to watch it… main reason probably being that everyone around me are bound to watch it, so I might as well not be the odd one left out.

The Hateful Eight however is a movie that I definitely want to watch. I’m curious to see where his “signature” is in the movie.

Have you watched it? What did you think?

2BWatched: “Power Rangers” (2017)

Pokemon, Power Puff Girls, Digimon, Dexter’s Laboratory, Totally Spies, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Spongebob Squarepants… I could go on and on about all the series I used to watch as a child. My parents used to advice me to ‘unstick’ myself from the TV because my eyes were starting to turn ‘square’.

Almost all of the cartoons and anime I watched as a child have their own movies – animation or/and live action versions – and some of them are making a comeback to bring closure (I’m looking at you, Samurai Jack) or agitate our nostalgia. One of those is Power Rangers. I always enjoyed the story behind it and the characters as well. Growing up though I got tired of the bad guys.

For that reason, this is one of the series that I found intriguing and exaggerated at the same time. Do I dare say that it was as if watching a car crash? No? Maybe?… Anyone?

I’m still looking forward to it. It looks like something I would go to the cinema and watch, even without having known the series to begin with.

2BWatched: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (2016)

I was not sure which movie to post as ‘first’ on this Watchlist because I don’t want anyone to assume that I’m more eager to which one movie over another.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them, however, is definitely a movie that I want to watch. From the trailer, and this could be just me, it gives me a nostalgic feeling from those Harry Potter times – and ofcourse it would, since J. K. Rowling scripted it – and I love it!

Reasons why I want to watch it:

  1. As I previously mentioned, I love the nostalgic feeling of magic, adventure, with a slight hint of… comedy?
  2. The graphics look more than just decent, they look fair.
  3. I love the look of the characters – at least from what I can see from the trailer.
  4. I’m curious about where to find the fantastic beasts.