Imperfection Prologue

Art created by Adrian Brayley – @adrianbrayleyartist

Legend has it there were two deities: the god of Light and the goddess of Darkness. They seemed to complete each other in different ways but never fulfilled. Light could not see Darkness and Darkness was blinded by Light, and so for time beyond time they struggled and grieved. Together in due time they created life to ultimately unite them: the stars, the human and animal life that soon inhabited the world. And in this creation, their sons, Water, Fire, and their daughters, Air and Earth came to life. The gap soon came to a close as Light and Darkness met with true happiness with what the human race called “family”. They taught their children what it meant to feel and think. The children in turn came to be intelligent as they observed and acknowledged life; they became emotionally smart as they started to battle with emotions.


Art created by Adrian Brayley – @adrianbrayleyartist

Air, the older sister, found herself to be mischievous above all, glad that nothing could grasp her long enough to stop her habits. Earth, the calmest and most nurturing out of all, looked up to her sister and her free spirit but preferred to offer a soothing place for when her siblings grew tired. Fire was older still, and drew away from the others, always mindful of his destructive presence. He grew fascinated with the things he could not touch, the life that grew all around, and ensured their safety during the harsh winter months. The oldest brother, Water, struggled to accept his nurturing side. He saw life as a trinket at best, and marveled at the charred husks his brother left behind when daring to reach out to his beloved toys. How sad Water was when nothing approached him and how appeased Fire was when everything was drawn to him. Fear and panic were such grand emotions in Water’s eyes but he was not the one to initiate them within the immortal beings’ hearts. Envy grew like a sickening weed and so Water was the one to crack and fracture.

Even the Gods cannot be perfect…